Statline 1.75mm


Our 1.75mm Statline is the ultimate small diameter accessory cord.  Think tightly braided good quality mason twine on steroids.   It is constructed using very high strength, low stretch uhmwpe Lumat Atlas yarn.  This yarn is similar to Dyneema and Spectra, but rather than the yarn color being white and having to be urethane color coated.  The color in this yarn is added the the recipe (dope dyed) when the yarn is manufactured so the color will never wear off. The finished product is 10x stronger than steel, while having low stretch, low creep, tangle resistance, abrasion resistance, very round, holds knots good, and is lightweight enough to float on water.  Since this line is a single braid construction, it is spliceable in theory but due to the very tight braid it is not possible for most people to do, even for those that are seasoned splicers and know alot about splicing tight braids. So this is a knotting line that works really great in small hardware. Our Statline can be used for countless applications.  Its a do anything line.   This line was Designed, Devleoped, and is Manufactured in house, Right here in the USA on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available.

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Size: 1.75mm (1/16″),  Weight Per Foot: .019oz (.53grams),  Avg. Break Strength: 500lbs

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50', 100'